Do this depression meditation. I even wept a little, in a good way.

Seriously, if you have depression, do the meditation below, led by Dominic Beeton. It’s simple and cleansing. It’s not a cure. It simply provides a little time of peace and release.

I connected strongly with it, probably because it involves picturing a beach. Having grown up in Australia, the beach is my happy place. Now I live overseas. It’s been years since I’ve visited the beach I pictured, but its power remains strong. Its ability to make me feel whole for a few minutes transcends distance.

I’ve provided a YouTube link below. I also recommend you download the Insight Timer app to your mobile device. It’s free and contains so many guided meditations that are great for depression and finding a few moments of peace that we all so desperately need.

Try it. What have you go to lose? More importantly, what have you to gain? Maybe a few minutes of precious victory?


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