The show must go on – inspiration from Freddie Mercury

Thanks, Freddie.

Today is the day the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody gets released. Yesterday I struggled with an awful depressive episode. I still can’t see a way forward, but at least I’m not feeling as shitty as yesterday.

All week, the Queen song “The Show Must Go On” has been in and out of my head. When it was recorded, a weakened and emaciated Freddie Mercury knew he was dying. The song was very challenging to sing and Freddie was having difficulty just walking. Brian May, the guitarist and song composer, told Freddie he was concerned the vocals might be too much considering Freddie’s health.

Freddie downed a vodka and said to May, “I’ll fucking do it, darling.” Then he went in the studio and slayed the vocals.

He never complained as he battled with AIDS. Despite pain and illness and weakness, he didn’t complain.

What’s my excuse? I’m not dying. I only have depression.

The show must go on. I don’t know where it’s going… I don’t know what I’m doing… I’m scared… but it must go on.

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