I’m so proud to release my new and professionally acclaimed book about depression!

I really don’t like having to blow my own horn, but self-publishing means self-marketing, so here goes…

I truly believe writing this book is the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s a practical and supportive guide for every person who truly wants to tackle their depression.

After developing depression way back in 1982(!!!), I never saw a professional therapist until 2016. Hard to believe, I know. This is the culmination of the past 5 years of really hard work to put my condition in its place. I figure I must be on the right track because professional therapists have been kind enough to endorse the book.

I’ve learned so much over the entire 39 years and I’m still learning everyday. All I want to do is help anybody who is suffering from this terrible affliction.

Because there IS hope! Help IS available! You CAN do it – despite that loud voice in your head saying you can’t!

You can read the Introduction to the book here.

Wish me luck for the virtual launch tonight! Details here. You’re most welcome to join this live Facebook event. I’ll publish the recording of it tomorrow.

I wish you wellness and love, my fellow depression survivor.


“A testament to resilience and the human heart!”

DONALD ALTMAN, psychotherapist and award-winning author.

Available here in paperback and eBook.

(Audiobook coming soon!)


“Having experienced first-hand for years the deep canyons and harrowing cliffs of depression, John Newell uses all of the insights gained from his climbing to provide readers a clear path to the towering peaks of wellness and happiness. I have treated thousands of patients suffering from depression and I wish I could have handed this brilliant treatise to all of them.”

IRA ISRAEL, Psychotherapist and Author of How to Survive Your Childhood Now That You’re an Adult

Climbing The Mountain is a testament to resilience and the human heart. John Newell’s personal journey of overcoming depression is not only touching and authentic, but offers a spiritual and practical path to wellness and happiness. With inspiring stories and real-life tools, John Newell is the wise and trusted sherpa who will guide you to new heights in your life. Yes, you can climb the mountain of depression, and this book shows you how.”

DONALD ALTMAN, MA, LPC, author of Simply Mindful101 Mindful Ways to Build Resilience, and The Mindfulness Toolbox

“John Newell writes about the challenges to overcoming debilitating depression with a compassionate, no-nonsense wisdom that only personal experience can bring. Likening depression to the crushing weight of a mountain with a message telling you something has to change, Newell has created a practical, step-by-step manual filled with a backpack of tips for the climb to the summit. You’ll learn about the phases of the journey, how to train for it, the power of support, love, and forgiveness, and the self-knowledge you’ll need in order to attain your unseeable goal. I highly recommend this inspiring and illuminating guide to what can be your most transformational achievement.”

JEAN BENEDICT RAFFA, Ed.D. Author of The Soul’s Twins: Emancipate Your Feminine and Masculine Archetypes

“Great advice, zero cliffhangers! Newell reveals how to climb from the depths of depression to the peaks of wellness”

GARY BARRETT, Retired US Army Special Operations

Available here in paperback and eBook.

(Audiobook coming soon!)

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