What’s your ‘up’ trigger? Share it with your depression support people!

With depression, we all have triggers that send us spiraling down into the depths. But what gets you up? Even for a moment. What triggers you to keep going? What gives you a surge of inspiration not to give up?

Because we depression sufferers damn well need something.

If you have one, tell lots of people so they can remind you of it at just the right moment. Give them this tool so they can actively help you with your depression.

You might find this silly…

My “up” trigger is a chant. It’s explained in the video below. I was born and spent most of my life in the state of Queensland, Australia. I watched a lot of Rugby League and especially loved the annual State of Origin competition between the state teams of Queensland and New South Wales. The players of the 1980s and ’90s were my heroes. I still love it. Passionately.

State of Origin is the highest level Rugby League in the world, played under the greatest pressure in the most intense “cauldron” atmosphere. In the 1980s, a chant was started by the Queensland players. This video explains it.

During the second game of 1989, the chant became legendary. Queensland’s players were struck by injuries – a broken leg, a fractured eye socket, a ruined shoulder, etc. – until they had no players left on the reserve bench. Two guys stayed on the field carrying injuries and somehow kept going, one even nursing a broken bone in his ankle. Eventually the team had less than a full complement on the field. As the “surviving” players wilted with exhaustion, somehow they rallied to score their most courageous win.

It lifts me

That “Queenslander” chant resonates with fans today. It may seem stupid, but it resonates with me, too. Big time. There’s something indefinably special about the Queensland spirit. When things are against me and all seems dark, I have to remember “Queenslander… Queenslander…”.

The Queensland team has a renowned spirit of never giving up, no matter how bad things look. It’s not a joke concept, either. They’ve made many incredible comebacks over the years, from positions where all seemed lost and they were beyond exhaustion.

They inspire me to do the same with my depression.

How about you?

What’s your inspiration? What’s your ‘up’ trigger? It could be a person, a song, a word, a phrase, a book, a sport, a team, a joke, a photo, anything.

Comment below and tell us.

If you need one, try this. From the silliness of professional wrestling came these life-changing moments and tributes involving John Cena. Watch him humbled by the love being returned to him.

Arm your friends with it

Whatever your ‘up’ trigger is, make sure you have a team of people reminding you of it. The Queenslanders didn’t lift themselves individually in isolation. They banded together to find energy and inspiration through their special bond.

So can we, my fellow depression survivors.

Queenslander… Queenslander…



  1. One of my most reliable up-triggers has been listening (maybe 30 times in the past 5 years) to an audio recording of Pema Chodron’s “Getting Unstuck” on my phone. Really helps when I start spinning out from shame or anxiety. The central message of this old Buddhist nun’s very engaging lectures is that “groundlessness” is the natural human condition, and there is relief to be found in accepting this and learning to make friends with our fundamental uneasiness, rather than always trying to get away from it. Thank you for your beautiful blog!

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