Small things make a huge difference with depression – and life

You never know how much your words and actions may affect others. Even strangers. The video below will prove it.

Things you say and do can inspire and encourage. They might even save a depressed person’s life, without you knowing it.

Or they could make the person’s depression worse. Careless, harsh words can devastate. Every day, every moment, you have a weighty responsibility towards others, especially those who are struggling. So choose wisely how you speak and act.

Depression is invisible and everywhere. It’s so commonplace that we should act like everyone we meet potentially has it.

Someone with depression has a mind like a steel trap. Things you say and do that seem insignificant – and that you forget about – will stick like glue in the memory of a depressed person. So make them count.

  • Smile kindly.
  • Offer compliments.
  • Encourage.
  • Ask a depressed person to go for coffee and catch up.
  • Say thank you.
  • Just be there.

It’s like assuming everything you do and say is on camera. Someone will notice and remember. Always.

Watch this inspiring TED Talk. It proves how something you say or do that slips your own memory can have a profound, lasting impact on another person.

Will you inspire somebody today? Please do. Every little bit helps depression.

And bring your lollipops.

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