Another one for the list of worst things to say to a depression sufferer

I already made a list in a previous blog. Then yesterday I heard this one:

“Stop being such a baby!”

It’s bad enough on its own, but to hear it from a trusted person was devastating. I just withdrew into my shell after that.

Sure, I was having a hard time after being triggered by something simple, and it showed, but I hadn’t been yelling or calling anyone names. I guess, with my conditioned defensiveness, I took that person to breaking point.

Look, I get it that support people get frustrated dealing with repeated depressive episodes and sometimes bearing the brunt of them. There’s only so much they can take before they snap. I can hardly blame anyone. As if we depression sufferers don’t feel guilty enough about burdening them with our shit.

This one has shaken me to my core. How many times has somebody thought this? Is it a common attitude? Is this sentiment really just under the surface all the time?

Trust is huge when trying to climb out of depression. It takes just a few simple words to blow a hole in it.

Today I feel empty and scared shitless.

One comment

  1. You’re no baby, John. I sometimes think that those who spout such hurtful phrases are actually depressed themselves but are fighting to pretend otherwise. They have yet to accept their condition and start working towards healing. Instead their internal dialogue becomes external when they recognise themselves in others. Whatever the reason, please let your internal dialogue convince you again of your worth. You are loved. Always remember.


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